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Looking for a Great Real Estate Agent can be difficult….

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Keys to a Successful Real Estate Experience:

First of all, make sure your agent has a valid license by the State. Best would be that he/she is also a member of the Realtor National and Local Associations. They require higher Ethic and Knowledge. 

Your agent needs to be in touch with New Technologies. Having a website is very important. But more important is that you want your agent to be comfortable doing things online and on his cellphone: MLS, Forms, Marketing, Texts … If you are selling your house, a good marketing strategy is the most important thing; way beyond just putting your house on the internet.

Personal Relationship with your agent is essential because trust and confidence will come a little easier. A referral from a friend or a family member is always a good lead in the search of an agent; much more than an internet connection.

Choose an agent that demonstrate he/she is involved in your project. It’s a Team Work. His/her dedication to find you the best house/rental possible, his/her motivation to sell your house at the best price… One major criteria to determine if you have the right agent is his/her availability. If it’s difficult to get in touch with him/her, it is definitely not right. By the same token, keeping you updated on what he/she does for you is fundamental. As much as you choose your agent, your agent has to choose you.

Quick update on the Local Market: 
The retreat of investors from South Florida’s housing market has left room for traditional home-buyers, but jacked-up prices, lack of inventory under $300,000 and lofty lending standards are still barriers to the American Dream of Home-Ownership.
The high single-family home prices are driving some Palm Beach County buyers to town-homes and condominiums, which had a median sale price of $130,000 in January.
Since prices are higher, it has made it more challenging for first-time buyers. We’re back to $320,000 for the average house. 

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Katapult MarketingLooking for a Great Real Estate Agent can be difficult….

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